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HARROWING is a diceless Micro RPG about a group of people having a really bad day. Whether locked on a spaceship with an alien, attempting a prison break, or forced to attend an uncomfortable dinner party, HARROWING provides a simple framework built for expression, tight resources, and difficult choices.


  • No dice or luck! Instead, you are making tough choices on how to spend your very limited resources.
  • Wordplay is a skill! The more cleverly worded your Resources are, the more options you will have during play.
  • Extremely flexible! Can be used to run games in almost every genre from slasher to period drama.
  • Easy to run! Requires very little prep work. Set the scene and let the players loose!


  • A typical game lasts between 5-7 scenes.
  • The narrator sets a scene and establishes the stakes. Within that scene is at least one obstacle that needs to be overcome.
  • Players spend will to take actions. Bold actions give the narrator doom.
  • The narrator spends doom to take moves. Players have the opportunity to resist soft moves. Hard moves cannot be resisted.
  • When there is a major change or a natural break point, the narrator starts a new scene.

If playing on Roll20,  you can download clocks, as well as stakes and doom trackers.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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HARROWING - Character and Narrator Sheets.pdf 643 kB
HARROWING - How to Play
HARROWING - Scenario - Actual Cannibal Shia LeBeouf
HARROWING - Scenario - Moths and the Flame
HARROWING - Scenario - The AZ-Tech God
HARROWING - Scenario - Orbital Decay
HARROWING - Scenario - The Long Dark

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